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“Klaidingas akimirkos suvokimo modelis” translated by dear friend Jonas:

“Most of the men and woman believe that their life is about to begin. All they have to do is accomplish some task such as putting their domestic life in order, get a degree, find themselves a good life partner, get a good job and the life will become beautiful. And this structure of life is called waiting. There are no things in life that could only be good or bad therefore waiting can also be constructivist or undermining.
What is a good form of waiting? Believing in brighter tomorrow gives us the strength to cope with the tests the life is sending to us. Concentrating in things that are waiting for us in the future it is much easier to overcome today’s troubles. This sort of self-motivations keeps us going and helps to reach the goal faster.
But what is a negative waiting? This process can also be called the wrong interpretation of a moment. It is a way of living without recognising the true values the life is giving today. A person starts to postpone both a difficult task at work as well as a feeling of joy in one’s heart. As long as we think that there is loads of time and deadlines are still far away, we will be putting off all the elements of life and the life itself.
How does the habit of putting things off, appear. Froid would say - from the childhood. And we can’t argue with him at this point. Most of the people in their twenties grew up without the constant presence of their parents. The parents would have been constantly working. The Soviet Union split apart and a new opportunity to create a better future arose. A better and richer future. Everyone believed that depending on their ability to work hard they will be fairly rewarded. All the social benefits such as pensions would then allow them live the American dream. That’s how not only the parents but also the children themselves who are now grown citizens with their own families and their own children had developed their need of putting off the good things for the far future. The only boarder line for this future would be “we’ll be happy once we reach the goal”. And all we learned from this is to concentrate on the result rather than on the problem. Therefore creating a perfect conditions for losing the elements and details of life as well as the life itself.
That’s where all the panic about recession and swine flu comes from. The biggest fear when talking about these subjects is not the one concerning life - to survive - but the one concerning the bright future that we are promising to ourselves - to survive till that expected joyful period of life that everyone is working so hard for. By letting this fear into our hearts we destroy all paths to our personal Eden - the bright future. We should stop waiting for all the problems to be over because they are only problems for as long as we think of them as such. The most inconvenient situation is always giving us a good lesson. And that is a little something given to us by Life and in return we should be grateful. We should smile back and realize that there is no past and there is no future. There is just this moment… and thousands of others!”

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